Choosing A Mightyvite Design

Mightyvites Launch In 4 DaysWe’ve blogged previously about how a Mightyvite matches in print and online with the same design. With just four days left to go before launch you may be wondering how our customers will go about choosing a Mightyvite design. We wanted to make the design selection experience fun, easy, and flexible. So, we created a simple gallery where customers can browse through existing designs, but we also left open the option  for customers to create a custom design from scratch.
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Mightyvites Make Tracking RSVPs a Breeze!

Today’s launch post kMightyvites Launch Day 5icks off discussion about what Mightyvites can do for you, the event organizer.

Planning special events should be fun, but it does take some effort. And the larger the event, the more effort it requires. Let’s face it—for many of us, keeping track of small details such as individual guest RSVPs can grow into a daunting task. Traditional RSVP cards are easily lost. Or mistakenly thrown out. Or chewed to bits by the puppy. And let’s not forget those guests who call to change their RSVP after the fact—just one more thing to add to the ever-growing list of tasks to complete before your big day.
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Mightyvites Match! What Guests See In Print They Also See Online

Mightyvites Launch In 6 Days

Our flagship product, Mightyvites, will be launching in six days. But what exactly is a Mightyvite? At its core a Mightyvite is an invitation experience that moves an event guest offline to on. Guests receive in the mail one printed invitation and a single enclosure. The enclosure has a web address and a unique code. The guest later visits the web address and uses the code to unlock the remainder of their invitation. Once unlocked the guest is greeted with a personalized web page from which they can RSVP and view event details.
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Mightyvites Launching On August 4th!

Mightyvites Invitation Countdown

Mightyvites have been in the works for nearly a year. We’ve built, tested, polished, and built some more. Now it’s time to launch Mightyvites, our revolutionary invitation system, into internet orbit.

The big day is set for Wednesday, August 4th 2010. Starting tomorrow, until launch, we’ll be highlighting the top reasons to use Mightyvites as invitations for weddings, graduations, corporate, and other special events. So please join us each day and share in the excitement. We think we have a pretty cool way of combining letterpress and digital prints with the web to help keep invitations classy and RSVP/guest management easy. We bet you’ll think the same.

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Mightyvites Beta Follow-Up

Over the past few weeks users have been kicking the tires of our Mightyvites beta site. The experience has been great, and overall a success. We’ve collected valuable feedback from both our beta survey and follow-up emails. Most importantly, we were able to see patterns in the feedback that suggested where we needed to make changes to improve the site. That’s the best we could hope for. No website is perfect for everyone, and with a beta you’re hoping to get multiple comments on the same problems so you can identify the parts of the website that don’t seem perfect for anyone.

Here are some of the more prominent changes we’ve made to the Mightyvites site based on what our testers told us: Read the rest of this entry »

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