The Mightyvites Site Enters Beta

This past week we put out a call for Mightyvites beta testers. Those who sign up will get a sneak peek of our shiny new website before we launch it live. Why are we doing this? Simple: we need to know if the Mightyvites site works. We need to know if it can handle real users. We need to know if there are any glaring bugs. Most importantly we need to know if the site’s content, and Mightyvites in general, make sense to our target audience. The beta release of a website is all about collecting feedback from a sample of people who resemble the real users you hope the live site will have.
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Fear for the Mightyvite!

We decided to keep this blog for a bunch of reasons. For one, a lot of what I’ve learned since grad school has come from blogs, and I’ve always wanted to contribute similarly to the programming community because that is part of how open source works. For two, programmers need designers, and often vice-versa, and since we are both in-house we think we have interesting things to say about that relationship. Finally, we’re a start up, and we want to document our rise from scratch for ourselves and for all the others out there who are, and who will go down, a similar road. This post has more to do with that last reason.
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Early Adopter’s Special!

unique wedding invitations by mighty nice

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The Mightyvites Site Is Feature Complete

That’s big news for us. It means that our goals for the first version of the online portion of our invitation system have been reached (exceeded, actually!). A few more tweaks, a bit more testing, and then we’ll be ready to put the site online for private beta. During that time we’ll invite a few friends to open a demo account and have a go at our system. Assuming the beast withstands the beta storm we’ll launch it live shortly thereafter for your invitation pleasure!

If you’d like to volunteer to be a beta tester then please let us know. The more feedback we can get before launch the better!

What The Heck Is a Mightyvite (and what does Mighty Nice have to do with it)?

The first slide of our Mightyvites tour inspired the title of this post. We put the tour together to try to make it fun & easy to learn what Mightyvites are. We think it works, but it probably does so better in its original context: the Mightyvites website. That’s right, there’s a second website on the way, and it’s much bigger and badder than its mother at
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