What Wedding Invitations And Wedding Dresses Reveal About The Big Day

What do wedding invitations and wedding dresses have in common? Well, they both are very revealing in what sort of mood and theme your wedding will be. Today, we matched a few of our wedding dresses with Mightvites wedding invitations to demonstrate our point!

Elegant and Refined

regalia wedding invitation doris gown

This is the balance of sophistication without any of the stuffiness. You love those small details, whether they be scrollwork in the Regalia invitation or the lace overlay on the Doris Gown. Rather than having a loud, bustling wedding, you’ll have a beautifully orchestrated and memorable affair.

Sweet and Feminine

winsome wedding invitation donna

Your wedding is a little girl’s dream all grown up. It’s soft and pink without being overly girly.  Whether it’s a bit of sass from a black sash or the Winsome invitation’s  formal-looking typeface, your wedding straddles the border between fairytale day dreams of the past and your very present love story. Your guests will know in a heartbeat that you’re a romantic through and through.

Bohemian Light

gingko wedding invitation patricia gown

You’re a nature-loving gal but still a ways from proper hippie-dom. This means that your wedding will be simple and chic with inspiration drawn from flora and fauna. Both the Gingko invitation and the Patricia gown include floral details. In Asian cultures, the Gingko represents the combination of opposites and is a symbol of love. You and your partner are also an eclectic but laid-back mix. Whether you’ve got planned, your guests will be surprised and delighted.

Whether it’s your wedding dress or your wedding invites, think hard about the lasting impression you want to leave your guests. Do you desire a bit of theater? Nostalgia? Fun and crazy antics? Or a modern day fairytale? Now start planning!


This post was guest written by Natalie Tsang of SimplyBridal. Natalie is the editor of SimplyBridal’s blog. She was born and raised in California and is  a hopeless romantic. She dreams of a whimsical, rustic wedding.

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