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What is a custom Mightyvite?

A custom Mightyvite order entitles you to a design not found in our design gallery. With a custom Mightyvite one of our designers will help you discover the perfect look and feel for your event. They will also ensure that your needs are met on the printed invitations you send to your guests and the online pages they respond to.

Custom Mightyvite orders vary in price according to the design work required for each. All custom design work falls into one of the categories below. Each category has its own fee.

  • Concept work results in a design unlike anything in our gallery, and distinctly different from other concepts a customer may have seen. Most custom Mightyvite orders require at least one concept. Each concept costs $75.

  • Revision work results in a change to a previously issued concept or to a design in our gallery. Each revision costs $25.

  • Off-palette color work requires the use of a color that is not available on our website. Each off-palette color costs $50.

Mighty Nice, Inc., owner of Mightyvites, retains copyright of all original design work and reserves the right to add custom designs to our gallery for sale to other customers. We can accommodate requests for custom Mightyvites influenced by or that include the copyrighted work of another. In the case of the latter permission must be granted by the copyright owner. If a custom design is deemed unfit for inclusion in our gallery a $25 exclusion fee will be charged.

Lastly, all custom Mightyvites must fall within our regular parameters:

  • Invitations will be flat (not folded)
  • Invitations must fit onto A7 (5"x7") or tea-sized (4"x9") paper
  • Enclosures will be 4-bar size
  • Invitation printing must be letterpress or digital
  • The online RSVP and event details workflow cannot be changed
  • Online graphics will not be customized further than the produced design and will fit within our standard format

To receive a quote on a custom Mightyvite please contact a sales representative.