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What is the difference between letterpress and digital printing?

Digital printing is a method in which an image is printed directly from the computer onto the paper. A variety of colors and tonal ranges can be achieved, and this kind of printing has no texture — the inks sit flat on top of the paper.

Our digital printing is done on state-of-the-art presses and beautiful paper that is 25% cotton with a cloth-like feel. This ensures what we consider to be the highest quality digital invitations around!

A digitally printed Mightyvite design.

Letterpress is an antique printing method that dates back to the 15th century. Images and text are formed onto a raised surface, which is inked and pressed into a sheet of paper. This labor intensive process results in a lush impression on the paper, creating a beautifully tactile print.

Our letterpress invitations are printed on luxurious soft cotton papers that are a feast for the eyes and a treat to touch. It doesn't get much classier than this!

A letterpressed Mightyvite design.